Special Delivery

Exactly two years ago to the day, we were picking Eddie up from the animal hospital after he had stayed the night. He was quite sick and we were so worried. Not to go into unnecessary detail but he had a urinary problem that is a major killer of cats. As we had no idea how old he was, but knew that he had spent some rough years on his own on the street, we were in the dark with regards to his health history. He had been to the vet for regular check-ups and we thought all was well, until the day he made it perfectly clear to us that it wasn’t.

Having lost our previous cat Johnson to the same ailment, I just assumed that it was time to prepare for the loss of our dear Eddie. I was a mess.

However, excellent medical treatment and two doses of medication seem to have healed him! Two years later we have no reason to believe he is not perfectly healthy. Yes, he has been on a special diet since he got sick, but the food is no problem to get, as it’s available right down the street, and he really loves it.

When that all happened I did a ton of research into feline health and what repeatedly came up is that they are really quite fragile creatures. And they really keep their pain to themselves, so oftentimes by the time the cat-parent is aware that something is wrong, it could be too late.

We are delighted that this was not the case with our Eddie Boy and that he is still with us today, jumping into any box that will have him. And even some that won’t really have him because they are just too small. Here he is in a box that entered our home yesterday, via a wonderful surprise sent to me by my cousin, which is so excellent that I just have to show you what she sent. I’ll get that up soon.

Thank you for visiting. Hope you’re having a purr-fect Caturday =↑..↑=
xo loulou