Food Friday : Banana Chocolate Muffins, a la Laura

The other day I found myself with a couple of really ripe bananas in one hand and my ipad with Laura’s recently posted recipe for her “Banana Chocolate Muffins” in the other, so I got busy and made them. She is right … they are delicious.

Since I didn’t have enough banana to make the full recipe, I cut it in half, but I didn’t want to cut the one egg in half, so I made up for the extra moisture of using the whole egg by adding 1/3 cup of bran (the type for baking, not cereal) and 2 teaspoons olive oil. Also, I only had a bar of extra-dark chocolate on hand, so I chopped some of it up, instead of using the milk chocolate. This would have made the muffins less sweet, which I found to be ok, but if you make the substitute but prefer more sweetness you might want to add a teaspoon or so of extra sugar. I used a small muffin tin to make two-bite muffins. I’ve had this tin for ages and have never used it. The muffins sure came out cute. In order to make up for the smallness factor I reduced baking time to 13 minutes. Half the recipe made 24 minis.

I will definitely be using this recipe as my go-to banana muffin recipe from now on. I recommend you give it a go! Find it here .. Yummy Laura’s Chocolate Banana Muffins. Thanks for the great recipe, Laura!

Aside: It’s no secret that I love coffee but mostly have one cup in the morning. Ok, I say one cup, but it’s a really big cup! Anyway, to do these photos I brewed myself some more coffee in the afternoon, which I quite enjoyed. The funny thing is that for the picture with the coffee cup in it that I included in this post, you can’t even tell there is coffee in that cup! Trust me there is … erm .. was!

Here’s to Friday. Hope your week-end gets off to an excellent start!
xo loulou