Small versus Tall .. It’s a Relative Thing

I like seeing pictures of myself standing next to Nick because in them I look like I could be short! He is 6’3″ so beside him I am a small person; I am kidding here because petite is something that I will never be! Being between 5’8″ and 5’9″ does not make me overly tall, however I have always been bigger than most women, beginning when I surpassed the height of my fourth grade teacher! With the average female in Canada being about 5’4″ I am a little over 4 inches taller than most.

And my height was magnified growing up, as my mother is not tall. I always thought she was extra short, but another surprise in looking at the statistics of average heights is that she is exactly average! Our difference in height did not mean that I was never able to raid her closet though, because our torsos are the same height, mine being relatively short for my height, therefore making most dresses look like they have an empire waste-line even when they don’t. My extra 4 inches are in my legs so while I could wear mom’s tops, wearing her skirts meant wearing a mini! And her trousers? Forget about it.

Anyway, here are some photographs of me and Nick with my parents taken last Saturday.

While I’m showing pictures of the week-end, I’ll pop this one in of Kiki the dog. You can see that she was so happy to see us! Actually she was .. this was taken after she’d worn herself out going nutso after we came in.

The next picture is of the sweater my mother just knitted for Kiki! It was hanging at the door and I couldn’t resist getting a shot of it!

How tall are you? How does that rank within your family?

Thanks for dropping over,