Holiday at Wasaga Beach : Part 2 – A Very Special Visit

Hello! My last post was about our trip to Wasaga Beach, which we took a couple of weeks ago. We rented a cottage through Airbnb and had a very good time. If you’d like to see the story and photos, they are here.

I ended that post with a photo of me waiting for some very special company to arrive. These fine people were our niece, her partner, our niece-in-law and our FIVE grand-nieces and nephews!

The children are my older brother’s grand-children, sons and daughters of my nephew and niece and their spouses.

Three of them, including one pair of twins, were born during the pandemic so we hadn’t had a chance to meet them yet, making this the first time laying eyes on them in person.

There was a three year old, a two year old, a couple of 9 month olds and a baby girl who was only 10 weeks old.

This was one of the most joyful days of my life, so, although I don’t usually share family photos or pictures of children on these pages, I feel compelled to share (with permission from the moms and dads) …

After getting acquainted out in the back yard of our Airbnb cottage, we headed to the waterfront where there was a pretty spectacular playground, perfect for the older two.

Then we all moved over to the water, which was very calm and warm …

Shoes and socks? Not a problem …

After the beach, we returned to the cottage where Nick made us a delicious bbq lunch, of which I oddly forgot to take pictures. I guess I was a bit distracted!

Nick and I very much wanted children and underwent years of treatments without success. So, we’ve lived our lives together with an undercurrent of sorrow because of that. However, while we didn’t get to enjoy the experience of being parents, we are now given the gift of being “grands”. Words cannot describe the happiness.

Thank you for visiting. xo loulou

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