Art in Toronto : Continuum at Fort York Historical Museum

We experienced something rare and beautiful on Friday evening — the opening of a fleeting three-day art installation at Fort York. “Continuum” by Toronto based artist Krista Kim and musician Jeff Schroeder, transformed the historic site with light and sound, creating a calm meditative experience.

Throughout the weekend and on Monday morning (beginning at 5am for the early-birds), guests were invited to come, relax comfortably on blankets, watch the mesmerizing ever-changing pixilated art on the 100-foot long screen, and listen to the soothing sounds of an original abstract guitar soundscape. If desired, they could also listen to the self-guided meditation voiced by the artist, via Youtube.

The intention of the “meditative generated animation” was to bring healing and wellness to the community. It was presented by Toronto History Museums as part of “The Awakenings Project”.

This was the launch of Continuum’s World Tour. Their site describes it like this : “As the world begins to emerge out of a global pandemic that has disrupted and transformed our everyday lives, mental health and well-being are now recognized as crucial self-care practices for everyone. In a symbolic act of healing and rebirth, CONTINUUM will be installed at Fort York National Historic Site, transforming it from a military fortification implicated in colonial history into a light of hope for the future.”

It ended at noon today, however a segment was recorded and permanently saved here on YouTube.

↑ Seen on our way over, from the Bathurst Street Bridge. ↑

↑ Artist Krista Kim and Musician Jeff Schroeder ↑

xo loulou