Birthday Barbecue with Meghan

Hello! It was our dear friend Meghan’s birthday recently and we celebrated with a bbq in our backyard. We love this lady and want to do everything we can to make sure she knows it!

It was the first time in two years (thanks, Covid) that we’ve had someone over to our home for a meal so nobody except us had tried the grilled polenta recipe that Nick has been perfecting over that period. Of course, he and I have had it many times as we usually cook outside once a week, from spring to fall. We use a charcoal Weber barbecue, so once he gets it going, he likes to grill a bunch of different things in one session, which we eat in different ways throughout the week. And, this grilled polenta is my request every time! We were happy to have the chance to share it with our friend, who also thinks it’s delicious. So, it seems the recipe, along with the special sauce to serve with it, are ready to share online — watch this space next week!

Follow Up : The recipes for the polenta and sauce are found here.

↑ The table was set with our thrifted vintage Corelle dishes in the pattern “Old Town Blue”, and Oneida stainless cutlery. ↑

↑ Our beloved chef. And, a tableful of thrifted things! The polenta “cake” is in the bowl to his left. ↑

Thank you for reading, and Meegs, thank you for being you!

Wishing our fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving.

xo loulou