Holiday at Wasaga Beach : Part 1

Hello! We spent last week at Wasaga Beach and had a wonderful time.

At 14 kilometres, Wasaga is identified as the longest fresh water beach in the world. Located a two hour drive north of downtown Toronto, it’s a very popular place during the summer, especially on the weekends. In fact, the last time I was there it was on a Saturday afternoon in July and the place was so crowded that my friends and I got right back into the car and drove further north to a less busy beach.

However, as you’ll see by these photos, it’s a completely different place mid-week in September. We practically had the place to ourselves, but given that the water had had a whole summer to warm up and the weather was (mostly) beautiful, it turned out to be a perfect beach holiday.

Being as long as it is, the beach is divided into sections, with Area One being the oldest and most popular part. We rented a cottage through Airbnb, which ended up being a quick walk to the beach at Area Four. We were there from Monday, September 13th to Friday, September 17th, 2021. (I didn’t take any pictures of the place we rented but if you’d like details about the cottage, please contact me by email.)

Even though people’s mindsets begin to change from summer to fall at this time of year, it was nearly 30 degrees the whole time we were there. I didn’t even put on the lace-up shoes, socks, or the warm sweater I’d packed once. We swam every day without a single shiver, even upon getting out of the water.

We also took walks along the beach and throughout the neighbourhood, checking out the charming older original cottages and the stunning new homes that have more recently replaced the old. Along the way, we talked to the people we saw and everyone was so friendly. We ended up having quite a long conversation with a man who, coincidentally, once lived a five minute walk from where we live in Toronto.

We cooked all our meals at “home” and ate them outside. And on the last full day of our stay, we shared the space with some very special company, indeed. I’ll tell you (and share lots of pictures) about that in Part 2 which I’ll post early next week.

These photos are posted in the order in which they were taken throughout the week. Although it was nice and warm the whole time, there was some dramatic weather in there, but the rain only fell at night so it wasn’t a problem …

↑ The day after a stormy night. ↑

↑ Taken just before noon on Thursday, awaiting our special company. I’ll give you a clue — pictures of adorable babies coming up in the next post! ↑

Thanks for checking out my blog. Wishing you a great weekend. xo loulou