Being Part of a Live Studio Audience

Last month we were the lucky winners of a raffle (that I talked about winning here), the prize of which was a series of outings for fun things to do on a Date Night. Most of the tickets are for two people, however this one I am showing pictures of today was for four. So we invited my sister and her boyfriend along to be in the live studio audience of the season finale filming of The Rick Mercer Report, which took place a week ago Friday. Rick Mercer is a Canadian comedian / political satirist and blogger, with his own weekly show.

The program was being taped in a studio on an upper floor of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation building, which was within walking distance of our place, so my sis and bf drove here and we all walked over together.

Before we headed over I got these pictures of my sister’s outfit. I love her bag!

It was cool to see the inside of this building. Here are a few pictures, including one taken from the lobby looking up and then another from the upper floor where the filming took place, looking down. I don’t usually have vertigo, but the unexpected sight looking down totally took me by surprise as I casually looked over the railing as we were leaving. eep!

This was my first such experience like this and I found it so interesting. We also laughed a lot and ended the evening with sore cheeks from smiling so much! Have you ever been a member of a live studio audience before?

Thanks a bunch for taking a look,
xo loulou