Much Love Monday : Hearts Abound

Hello and happy Monday! I am joining the group over at Anna’s blog Much Love again this week, where the idea is to post a photograph that contains a heart in it and to discuss something you love.

Since I began participating in this weekly link-up, I have had no trouble taking photos with hearts in them. It’s as though they just seem to pop out more now and I’m seeing hearts everywhere! Isn’t if funny how when you begin thinking about something you start to see it over and over again? For me these days, it’s been hearts. In fact I have a little stash of heart pictures in a file now.

But the hearts in today’s post were not taken from this stash. They are brand new and a result of circumstance, that just happened to fit in with the theme. While visiting my parents for Easter this week-end, my sweet mother had a gift for me … this lovely heart-shaped jewellery box. I just love its design and simplicity.

And another recent heart-shaped development was the fact that Mary at Desert Raven Art announced the winner of her giveaway, and lo and behold, I won!! She was giving away one of her handmade bead necklaces and I’m so happy I’ll be the proud new owner of it.

If you haven’t been to Mary’s blog (update : blog no longer active) I encourage you to check it out. If you begin following her now, you will be in for a real treat, because she and her beloved husband Al, have just sold their home, gotten a traveling-trailer all kitted out, and will soon be heading out on the road, and going wherever their hearts desire. Is that not stunningly romantic and exciting?! They are both artists so will be touring around America, along with their two cute dogs, showing their work at art shows. What a life! I am so looking forward to reading about their adventures. I am also so looking forward to receiving my treasure in the mail. Not to mention placing it within my new jewellery box.

Life is good. I hope you feel the same way too. I know many readers are students and are currently finishing up their final papers and exams for the year. I’m hoping that it all goes well for those of you who are. The same thing is happening in my own home too, as Nick finishes his last course for a university certificate this week! It’s been a long haul for him and I’m so proud that he stuck with it and will soon be done.

xo loulou

[Edit: Links to Much Love Monday have been removed because the site is no longer active.]