Chocolate Wonderful Chocolate

Hello and happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it. We had our special dinner yesterday when we went for a drive to visit my parents. It’s an hour and half each way which is a fair drive for dinner, but Nick was in the mood to take his baby (aka his car, a silver Mustang) out for a spin.

We had a very nice visit and a really good dinner at my favourite restaurant in their town, so we were glad to have made the trip. I got some pictures that I’ll post another time, but today I will show you some pictures of a terrific chocolate shop, called Delight, where I bought Nick his Easter treats!

This store which sells only organic fair-trade chocolate, was actually Nick’s discovery when he bought me a chocolate Santa for my stocking at Christmastime. Then he went back to get an assortment of chocolates as a gift for my mother, for me to take to her when I visited in February. I got to sample some of them when we carefully cut them in half so we could both experience the flavours. They were divine and very different, not at all filled with typical centres.

So I had to get Nick’s Easter presents there, and the cute shop-keeper let me take some pictures while I was at it!

Nick got me some goodies too. He bought his at another independent chocolate store called Chocolate Addict. He got me the bunny in the first picture which, full disclosure, is already all gone, as he was given to me on Friday evening when we shared it while watching a movie. The egg was saved for Easter Day and has now been cracked and the jelly beans enclosed within it have been sampled.

Funny thing about chocolate. When I was young I wasn’t really into it. It is something I’ve grown to love in more recent years. A doctor did tell me once that as we get older we generally gain more of a liking for all things sweet. All I can say is thank goodness the things he got me were small. I had to laugh at the name of the bunny I got him though … Mr Big! lol He say’s he’s going to share and of course, I will try to resist, the emphasis being on the word ‘try’.

I hope you had a great Easter week-end. Did you have chocolate?
xo loulou

Update : Delight have closed the Queen Street West location that I visited but still have a store at 3040 Dundas Street West
Chocolate Addict is located at 185 Baldwin Street