Handmade Notebook Divider Tabs

I am a bit of a notebook fiend. I love them and have several on the go at the same time, for different purposes.

What motivated me to come up with these handy Notebook Tabs is the one I use to keep track of the photos I have taken. Readers will know that I like to take pictures in series, such as a whole bunch of cat, heart, or bird photos. It takes me a while to find and take enough to make a post on a certain theme, so I have to keep track of what I have, as I go along. Thing is, when I begin what will become a series, I’m not aware of it at the time. It’s like, once I notice one piece of bird street-art, suddenly I begin to notice more bird street-art; you know how that is. So at the beginning I may note a picture in my book and move on. Then when I have found more pictures that go with that first one, I have inevitably not left enough room in my notebook to document future finds that will suit the theme. I am then left with pages filled with scribbles in the margins, arrows and, well, basically a hard to decipher mess. So some sort of tabbing system was in order.

This is a post that shows you how to make laminated tabs, so you can divide any bound notebook into sections. They are made with magnets and will stay in place, but can easily be changed when need be.

Supplies: pretty paper, flat magnets (they come in sheets at the craft store, but I just reused some from junk-mail that were intended to stick an advertisement to my fridge), regular clear packing tape, sticky labels.






How to make them : Cut the paper into strips that are 6 1/2 inches x 1 1/4. Fold in half. Cut the labels so they’ll fit the tab parts, two per divider. Stick them on. Lay a length of packing tape face down (sticky side up) on a working surface. I anchor the tape by cutting a piece longer than I’ll need and turning and sticking each end to my cutting mat. Place your paper strip in the centre of the tape, so you have about 1/2 of tape all around. Notch the corners of the tape and fold it around the paper. It won’t completely cover the back but it will seal the front. Attach some two-sided tape to the backside of the tab part, and attach the magnets. A note about the magnets: make sure your two pieces stick together fine. They can be strange because as you probably know, sometimes they will repel one another. Fold so the two-sided tape sticks the tab part together, and you’re done. Attach to any page in your notebook by sandwiching it between the magnets.

Write on the tab using non-permanent marking pens. I didn’t have fine-tipped ones so will have to get some. This type of pen will allow you to change the tab by just wiping with a damp tissue. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you want your tabs to say and they will always stay the same, you can type on your sticky label paper before laminating with the packing tape.

If you have any questions because my instructions aren’t clear, by all means, please ask away in the comments.

Thank you for checking out my creation. Yes, these are a small thing in the scheme of life, but oh they will be so very handy!