Take Tuesday Photo Series : Hearts

Hello :) This week’s prompt for the weekly photo series co-hosted by Shakti and Nicole (links removed because they no longer blog) is Hearts.

I must admit that I didn’t just go out in one afternoon and find all these images. I actually had some already tucked into a file because I’ve been collecting heart pictures all summer, and was quite delighted to see that was the theme for this week!

Here we are …

The last three were taken yesterday evening, specifically for this post.

I’ve walked by the ‘Kevin and Courtney declaration of love’ many times before, but hadn’t noticed it had a heart in it until yesterday. It’s actually in a pretty busy spot so quite a few people were walking by as I blocked the sidewalk to get the shot. There were some curious looks for sure, wondering why that particular scene was picture worthy!

As for the two sponge hearts on the pole, I am mad at myself for missing what would have been the better shot of the whole artwork intact. I had walked by it the other day but being in a hurry I didn’t stop to take a picture, thinking that it would still be there when I went back. Well, you see the result of waiting. But it was quite spectacular in all it’s hearty-sparkly child’s artwork glory. I was curious to know how it came to be stuck to the pole in the first place. It was too high for the artist to have actually put it there herself so all I can imagine is a loving parent proudly posting it.

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xo loulou