Lunch with a Friend and What I Wore

I met my friend Alison for lunch yesterday. If the name sounds familiar it is because she is the same lady who introduced Nick and me, as written about here. What I didn’t say when previously writing about her is that, while we met during our first jobs after university, she and I worked together again more recently. Meaning that an outing to meet her also meant a visit to my old previous place of employment. It was such a pleasure to see and chat with some of the sweeties I used to work with (I’m looking at you KR! :)

The offices are located on Bloor Street, and very close to the fanciest boutiques in town. And while I left some time to do a bit of shopping after our lunch, I did some window shopping but didn’t end up buying a single thing. I notice that my tastes have changed since I’ve moved to the more casual lifestyle that I have been leading since leaving that job and the things in the swanky shops were just more dressy than I needed. Beautiful, yes, but necessary? No. Really what I need is a new pair of black jeans, but I didn’t see anything that fit the bill. So I came home. Not that I’m usually a ‘buying machine’ but it must have been unexpected by Nick to see me come home empty handed because he actually commented on it!

Yesterday was gorgeous weather-wise, the one nice day of the week sandwiched between colder and windier days. This made it perfect for what is probably a final wearing of a skirt without tights, and a light eyelet blouse. These photos really highlight the fact that days are getting shorter. I took them at about 5pm and was already losing my light. In mid summer there wouldn’t have been this much shadow out there until after 7pm!

Outfit details – Blouse: Vintage from ebay. I think it was once part of an ethnic costume or dancing outfit. Skirt: was once a dress that I altered. Tank top: Jockey. Belt: That’s the one I got for $4.99 at Honest Ed’s (written about here). Necklace: Ammolite, a gift from Nick. Shoes – Geox. Bag: Vintage 70s from ebay. Bracelet: Vintage Lucite

And since I was modeling this outfit in the garden I thought I’d include a couple of nature pictures that I recently took out there, that go well with the outfit.

The bird is a baby European Starling and I just read something very interesting about them that I had no idea about. They are considered to be a non-native invasive species here in North America. Apparently in 1860, sixty of the birds were transported from Europe to New York City and released by an avid Shakespeare fan, who wished to introduce every bird he read about in a Shakespeare play to America. He had no idea the small flock, which were set free in Central Park during the winter, would flourish and breed with wild abandon. I’ve seen some around our yard but not many so wouldn’t have guessed at their history here. It’s such an interesting story that can be read in detail here –

The berries are what Lily of the Valley (pictured when they were in flower here) turn into in the fall. For anyone who watched Breaking Bad, this is that poison berry.

Thank you for dropping in. I hope your Wednesday is going well.
xo loulou