Red Crocheted Scarf in Liberty Village


I really thought that I’d packing this scarf I just finished away until the fall because it was too late to wear it now, given the fact that we’ve already been outside with no coat or jacket on, never mind a warm scarf. But I was wrong and I wore the scarf today when we took a walk to the shops in an area called Liberty Village.

The clerk at one of the stores we went to said that it is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. [Update : this unusual cold spell resulted in the blossoms on the apple trees freezing so there were no Ontario apples in 2012.]

Tomorrow night, we are going to the second date of the date-night raffle prize we won a couple of weeks ago. We’ll be going to a tv studio and be part of the live audience for the filming of a program.

I hope your week has been a good one, as Thursday leads to Friday, which leads to the weekend!
xo loulou

Coat – London Fog , Scarf – Designed and Crocheted by me!