Crocheted Flowers to Brighten Up the Grey Days


It is the time of year that a little yarn flower pinned to a hat or the lapel of a coat goes a long way to cheer up the dreariness. So I set about crocheting some using this pattern. I went an extra step and added a button detail in the center.

I have some much anticipated lady-dates coming up and I plan to give some away to friends. In fact, the burgundy one with the big black button is already in the hands of my pal Julie B, because we met for dinner last night. (I will post about that next week and show you a shot of her modeling her flower.)


Some Notes to Crocheters who would like to make some too :

I would call this project ‘Intermediate’ as it is a bit difficult to understand what you’re doing until you’ve done it and can see what it looks like. Just keep in mind if you try it, that there are 8 petals on every layer. That will help you count your stitches properly.

These look a bit better if you use thinner yarn. And fluffy yarn gives an nice result too.

NOTE: I believe there is a small error in the pattern … On the 2nd Round where you have to do two double crochets in every stitch in the previous round, the pattern says to repeat 8 times, but it seems to me that you should only repeat 7 times (for a total of 8 times including the set that are in the brackets).

As seen in the photo of the two black ones side-by-side (below – they look grey because I had to lighten the photos to show you what I was talking about) I modified the pattern a bit on some of them, and will continue with the modification because I prefer how the petals look in the second version. See how in the original pattern the petals in the two outer rows curl inwards? I like them to curls outwards, so I switched the direction I was going on the treble-crochet rounds. But I also like variety so for some of them (like the burgundy one in the grouping of six) I did one row of petals curling outwards and the other inwards. Basically, you control the way the petals curls by changing the direction that you crochet the round.

In the burgundy one with the bigger black button (directly below this section), you might notice that I skipped the innermost layer of petals. I did this by skipping from Round 3 right to Round 6 in the pattern (leaving out Rounds 4 and 5.)

I have added brooch pins to the back of mine, but if you’re adding one permanently to a hat, of course you can just sew it on directly.




Thanks to Amy at Henry’s House Blog for creating the pattern. It’s a fun little project to do and once you get the hang of it, you can whip these off in about 45 minutes.



And because presentation counts …


Wishing you a terrific weekend! We are in for a good time, going to a birthday party and concert. Toronto is also expecting another 10 cm of snow this weekend, so it will be a blustery one.

xo loulou