After the Snow Comes the Slush : A Winter Walk on a City Street


Care to see Toronto looks like for a good 4 to 5 months of the year, when the streets are messy and slushy? I tend to usually take pictures when things are warm, bright and clean, but of course, that doesn’t give you a true story.

I took these shots on our way home from our date to the hat store and out for lunch, that I told you about yesterday (here). This is a look at what Queen Street West was like on Friday afternoon, after a snowfall the previous night. While everything looked beautiful upon waking, while some flurries still gently drifted down and everything was covered in a fluffy blanket of white, within no time at all it begins to look quite a bit less pretty.






↑ I love the bag this lady is carrying! ↑

I don’t know what took me so long but this year I finally gave in and bought a pair of boots that can stand up to the slush. They may not make much of a fashion statement but they’re very comfortable and have allowed me to trudge along on days like this without worrying about ruined footwear and slip-sliding all over the place.


I hope you enjoyed this little tour of slush city, taken without having to get your feet wet.
xo loulou