A Special Guest is Here to Show You Something


This little sweetheart is Delilah. She is the two year old daughter of my cousin, which technically makes her my cousin-once-removed. But that sounds much too distant for how I feel about her, and since her dear mother is like a sister to me, I consider little D to be my niece.

It is just too bad that they live a plane-ride away so I don’t get to see them, but these pictures her mother took for me, with permission to show you, really make my heart sing.



Here she is showing you the blanket that I made for her for Christmas. You may recall the sneak peek (here) when Eddie the Cat helped me to wrap it up.

It was a fairly simple sewing job and I’m not claiming that it is a wonderful example of any mad skills on the sewing machine, but what it lacks in level of difficulty is made up for in level of softness. I used 100% cotton flannelette and batting (the layer that goes in between), all of which I washed and dried in the dryer before cutting, as cotton will shrink a lot and I wanted it all to be rightsized before sewing, so it wouldn’t buckle when washed later.

As you can see, the top was made by alternating froggy print pieces with red, and the back is all red. In order to get all three layers to stay together firmly, I quilted them by hand stitching around some random frogs in the print.







Word is that Delilah really likes her blanket and unbeknownst to me when I made it, it fit in nicely with her mostly all handmade Christmas.

Her cute dress is also handmade. It was given to her by her mom’s good friend who got it at an arts and crafts festival. The small company that made it, called Happy Wear, makes all kinds of really cute things for kids up to 9 years old. Aside from being available online here, I see they will have a pitch set up at the One of a Kind Spring show at Toronto’s Exhibition Place, between March 26 – 30, 2014.

Thank you Delilah for being a very special guest here today. And so as not to leave him out, a hello and a hug goes out to her brother O. <3and thank you for taking a look.xo loulou