At Home : Dinner and Movies with a Friend

Guinness-chocolate-Baileys-Icing cupcake

Our friend Andrea came over for an early dinner and movie night on Sunday. And she brought cupcakes that she made! Chocolate and Guinness ones with Baileys Icing, to be exact. (You may remember her baking talents from this post, when she made us a Pumpkin Peekaboo Cake in the fall.)

This series of photos really shows the effects of dimming natural light throughout the visit, beginning with enough sun to capture a glamour shot of one of the cupcakes, and a picture of the pretty lady herself.


Then we got some shots on the couch but they are blurry because the sun was setting, so there was lower light.



↑ Nobody copied anybody here … we both had this hairstyle when we met in May here


With the sun dropping quickly I tried to get a decent naturally lit picture of the salad, but alas it was too late. The photo was a fail as there was not enough light.

So on with the electric lights it was. Food doesn’t look as good in electric light so this salad might not look like something you want to make for your next dinner party. But trust me, it tasted really good.

It had a base of arugula and dark green leaf lettuce, topped with some sliced pear, crumbled Feta Cheese and a sprinkle of cashew nuts. The dressing was a creamy tarragon and white wine vinegar.

[Edit: I made this salad again and posted the recipe and better photos here.]

pear-cashew-salad feta arugula tarragon dressing


Our main dish was sausages on a bun, served with all the fixings. The sausages, made from organically grass fed turkey, were something we got our hands on in a somewhat different kind of way, after a buddy called us to say he had some quality meat for sale. What? You’re selling meat from your own freezer? Turns out he has a friend who had a direct in to the butcher who makes the sausage and was helping him to sell the product directly to customers. So Nick decided to buy a couple of packages, and wow, that is some good sausage! Sorry I can’t spread the word as to where to get some yourself.


We watched a couple of movies that were on Netflix, first ‘Titanic’ which Nick had never seen before. It has held up very well over the years and kept us all quite enthralled. Then after hearing that I’d never seen ‘Amelie’, Andrea insisted we give that one a go. What a charming movie … I loved it.

Oh yes, and those cupcakes I talked about earlier? They came out as a snack between films.


Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou