Dinner With Friends at Our Place


Last weekend we had some friends over for dinner.



You’ve met our buddy Chops before but not his lovely lady Leslie. These are people we’ve known for years so all was casual and comfortable. And filled with laughs.




The table was laid with a new cotton plaid cloth in autumn colours and some brown place-mats that I picked up at HomeSense (there is one on Spadina just north of King now). I wouldn’t expect you to remember but when I set our Thanksgiving table a few weeks ago (here) I didn’t have anything seasonal to use, so it was fun to add something new. The place-mats came with some cute plaid napkins with pumpkins on them, so they were in the post-holiday sale section. There was only one set left, as though it was just waiting for me to come along and find. But they took the look to plaid overkill, so I set them aside for next year and used these recently thrifted napkins instead.

The vintage paisley lacquered tray in the middle of the table is one that I got from ebay a few years ago.

Also dressing the table was one of the new-to-me orange vintage place-mats that I found during my latest visit to the thrift store (shown here). And the Corelle plates were also thrifted; they are the Woodland Brown ones I showed you here, which cost only $1 each.



To eat we had some veggies and this dip (which has become my go-to dip as it is easy to whip up and tastes very good). They were served on this thrifted platter and this bowl.

I don’t mean to get redundant mentioning all the thrifted things I used, but I like to show how these second-hand items can be used in real life. I love them not only because they create less trash in the world, earn funds for charities, and are very inexpensive to buy, but also because they add one-of-a-kind styling to a home.

For our main course we had Boeuf Bourguignon served over basmatti rice, with some corn that we cut from the cobs when it was in season and froze, and some peas.

The piece de resistance was the Chocolate Truffle Pie that Leslie made. It was amazing.




Oh yes, and of course this guy was there too. He loves when we have company and hung out with us throughout. This is a picture that Chops took of the farewells at the door.


Thanks for taking a look and here’s to happy times and good friends (you included).
xo loulou