Dinner at Our Place : Hanging With Three of My Favourite Guys


You’ve met our buddy Chops here on the blog before. What began seven years ago as a relationship where we only ever got together to rehearse and perform music in our band The Rails, has turned into a friendship where we now mostly get together to just hang out and have a laugh.

And as I’ve mentioned before, after from us, Chops is Eddie the Cat’s best friend!

So on a lovely evening recently he came over for a barbeque in celebration of our 7 years of friendship.

Nick made some Mojitos using mint from my herb garden.



Then I forgot to take pictures of the actual cooking and eating part, except for these shots of prepping the sour-cream for the baked potatoes, adding some chives and hot pepper.


Oh and I also got some shots of the dessert but I’m going to save those for another post, but here’s a little hint.


Relaxing while the food cooks …


Of course, we had to clear the table before setting it. This guy is only allowed up on the outside table and he makes the most of this privilege. Oh our little angel / sabre toothed tiger.



After dinner we sat around the table talking about life.




Later the guys tolerated my shutter-bug tendencies and posed for some shots. Looking at these pictures now just makes me smile.





We ended up sitting out long after dusk, enjoying a good time spent with this friend.

Clearly this was before the massive amounts of rain fell in Toronto. The city is recovering from the huge thunderstorm on Monday night (see a newspaper report here). Thank you very much for your messages of concern about our well being. We were lucky and had very little damage except for a very drowned looking herb garden and some small fallen branches. My well-wishes go out to anyone who was not as lucky.

On another note, we await the delivery of a new clothes washing machine today, as our old one bit the dust. But it didn’t owe us anything, as it was an appliance that came with the house, and it served us well for many years. But still, isn’t it a drag to have to spend big bucks on something as utilitarian as a washing machine?

I hope you’re having a good Thursday,
xo loulou