Thrifting Treasures : Bar Ware

My sister and I went to some thrift stores in her neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time with lots of laughs. And we found some pretty good stuff too!

Though I had not set out to specifically find bar ware, that is what I came away with. I actually only realized the dominant theme in my selections when I got them home and unpacked them onto the table. I must have been thirsty while shopping and subconsciously went for drink items!

Here is what I got …

(1) Assorted small glassed, great for a casual glass of red wine, or scotch on the rocks (for Nick .. I love the idea of drinking scotch but just really don’t like the taste). I like that they are all different so guests will know which glass was theirs, and they are made of tempered glass which is very hard to chip! These should last a really long time.

(2) A pressed glass wine-bottle coaster. It might not have been designed for this purpose, but I was glad to find it to use this way, as there’s nothing like a ring of red wine to ruin a tablecloth!

(3) A little cutting board for garnishes, and a peach-lustre(ish) bowl to keep them in.

(4) A groovy little fork for handling said garnishes.

(5) Some neat coasters for under the glasses.

(6) A plate to serve some snacks with the drinks, (made by Villeroy and Bosh)

(7) Two more glasses .. one with polka dots cut into it, and one with star-bursts and polka dots.

Thanks very much for checking out my post. Now I’m off to go enjoy the amber liquid that’s inside those glasses. Cheers! :)
xo loulou