Thrift Store Finds from Value Village in Toronto

Hello! I hope you’re doing well.

I found some good things at the thrift store recently, including something I’ve wanted nearly my whole life.

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↑ When I was a child, I had a friend whose grandmother lived with them. She had one of these on her dresser and I thought it was quite fantastic. Now that I need reading glasses, I was really happy to find this vintage treasure sitting on the figurine shelf at Value Village! Now, I no longer have to spend time looking for my glasses because he’ll be keeping an eye on them for me! ↑

↑ They say that many people collect vintage for nostalgic reasons and that is the case where this cutlery is concerned. This is the exact pattern we had when I was growing up. In fact, my parents still use it. It’s “Accent” by American stainless steel manufacturer Oneida. I believe it began being made in the 50s and was discontinued in the 90s. Over the years I’ve found some on eBay but I’ve never seen it at the thrift store. Now I’m a little closer to being able to set a dinner table with 100% thrifted items. ↑

↑ I love this assortment of vintage spools of thread I found in one of their grab bags. Several of the spools were made in Canada. The bowl was made by Corelle in the 80s. Unlike the glass dishes they are known for, this one is made of glazed stoneware. ↑

I also got a framed original oil painting, some pieces to add to my stainless steel collection, a cool cotton tablecloth and 4 very nice cotton dinner napkins. All in all, a good trip to the thrift store!

Thanks for reading xo loulou

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