An Afternoon Date : Returning to the Hat Shop and Lunch Out

trying on hats goorin

Last week I told you about this neat hat shop (here) that I'd found called Goorin Bros., where I had got Nick a fedora for Christmas. Well at the end of that post I'd mentioned that they were having a 50% off sale on some of their selections, and since there was an IOU in Nick's gift bag earmarked for something that he got to pick out himself, we went over to have a look. I had originally meant the IOU to go towards a sports jacket, but he politely declined, saying he didn't think he would get that much wear out of one.

at the hat shop

So another new hat it was ... in fact, 50% off, meant two new hats! I could tell he was having a good time in there trying on all the different choices. He ended up going with the pinstriped one you see him trying on in the picture, and also a very nice straw summer hat, trimmed in blue. Very good choices both of them. And thus completed his new fedora collection!

new hats goorin bros

Since the hat shop was in the direction of one of my favourite old restaurants on Queens Street West, The Queen Mother, we went there for a late lunch. We actually timed the whole outing so that we could go there at an odd hour for eating, because the place gets totally jammed at lunchtime, and we wanted a nice leisurely lunch, hopefully in one of their nice booths.


at restaurant

selfie of us

in queen mother cafe

queen mother cafe

queen mother cafe bar

lamps at queen mother

I've been going to this spot for a long time, and have sampled many of the items on their menu. But I keep coming back to one item called the QM Burger, which is a vegetarian choice, made with nuts and grains, served inside a pita, with a killer Chipotle mayo. Mmmm, it is so good.

Nick went with their regular burger and to drink we had beer, Steam Whistle for him and Amsterdam Blonde Ale for me, each coming a local microbrewery, both coincidentally within a 10 minute walk from where we sat.


steam whistle for him

There was an interesting art exhibit on display at the restaurant, pieces from a series called Gowns by Stan Olthuis.

art stan olthuis queen mother

stan olthuis queen mother

After lunch, we headed to our favourite game store to see what they had in their Xbox preplayed (aka used) section. We ended up with two new-to-us games ... Game on!

I got a bunch of shots on the way home but if I posted them here this entry would be on photo overload, so I'll put them up tomorrow.

Thank you very much for dropping over. Happy Monday to you, my friends,
xo loulou

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4 Responses to An Afternoon Date : Returning to the Hat Shop and Lunch Out

  1. Norma says:

    Good hat collection! I love hats – they really add something special to an outfit. xxx

  2. Hollie says:

    yay! back at the hat shop! I LOVE the paintings on the wall in the restaurant.

  3. Stan Olthuis says:

    Hi Loulou – I ran across this post by chance. I never google my own name but did today.
    Thanks so much for posting all the great photos of my paintings at the Queen Mum. I wish I had know about your blog back then because I would have spun it out on my social channels.
    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for that.
    btw I have a solo show coming up at Abbozzo Gallery 401 Richmond West – it opens on Dec 4th and the launch of Novella Magazine’s 2nd issue will coincide at the space. Drop by if you have the time.

    • Loulou says:

      Hi Stan. Thanks very much for the note. Your paintings looked very nice hanging there at the Queen Mother as I’m sure they will look at your upcoming show. I’ll try to drop by!

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