A Sunday Walk in Toronto Continued : Where We Got Married 424 Wellington Street West


Hello friends. I mentioned yesterday that I’d be back with the rest of the pictures I took during a Sunday afternoon walk.

We walked past the building in which we were married and had our reception party. This amazing late 19th century mansion was available for rental back then (14 years ago in November 1999).




Walking by it always reminds me of the excitement I felt then. We were taking a risk, getting engaged only 3 months after meeting on a blind date, and then getting married 9 months after that. But the risk paid off and these 14 years have been very happy.

(Here is the part where I should throw in some pictures of us inside this beautiful building, but alas, our wedding pictures were packed away when we renovated our kitchen a couple of years ago, and somehow got misplaced. We’re certain they’re not lost forever, we’re just not sure which box they’re in. Back then pictures were taken on film so I can’t resort to the digital files either.)

The interior of the place had a perfectly divine chipped and worn look. Walking through those doors felt like stepping back in time, but in a cool rather than rustic way, reminding me of the hotel in ‘The Shining’ (one of my favourite movies that I just re-watched recently).

The elderly lady who we understood owned the building, had a definite artistic vibe about her and we were told that the place had been a kind of artist’s commune in previous decades, before becoming a reception venue.

The marriage ceremony itself, lead by a female officiant, was held in the room behind the ground floor window on the right. Their dining-room space was limited, so preceding the ceremony we had our family and wedding party for a sit-down dinner in the room behind the left window. Then, that group joined all the other guests across the hall and we got married.

Following that we went upstairs to an amazing huge room with a wonderful dance floor, a long wooden bar, and burgundy velvet art-deco era round booths and divans.

There was a buffet of appetizers set out for the guests who’d not fit into the dining room, and a variety of cakes from our favourite bakery, Dufflet.

Being fans of new music we hired a dj and had a full on dance party. Oh, just thinking about it makes me want to do it all over again!  It was such a beautiful space and we had so much fun.

Some other sights from this walk …








Thank you for visiting. Here’s wishing you a great Friday and an excellent weekend to come.
xo loulou