Red Carpet and Velvet Ropes


The Toronto International Film Festival is on and there are lots of celebrities in the city right now. But on Sunday afternoon when I suggested we walk a bit further south and take a different street to get from Bathurst to Spadina, to go to the liquor store, I didn’t really think about (or realize, actually) that we would be passing right through star territory.

The street is called Wellington and it’s one that has changed so much in the past 13, almost 14 years. Why am I being so precise with the date? That’s because Nick and I were married and had our reception in a building on this street.

Back then it was very quiet, almost eerily so, and lined with warehouses and empty lots.



Since then a couple of condos have been added, as well as two upscale boutique hotels. Also a French restaurant that used to be on Queen Street moved to Wellington. So lots of new life has been added to this area in recent years.


Bar Wellington has been put on the list of places we’re going to try.



Le Select Bistro

It’s not like we haven’t walked on this street in the interim, but it was not during a bustling week like this one. The fact that the main TIFF Theatre, called The Lightbox and opened in the fall of 2010, was built in the area has brought the glam and action of the film fest further downtown than it used to be.







This fellow was lining up square glass vases in a pond that runs alongside a beautiful stainless steel outdoor bar area. I think they might be to put candles into.

While we didn’t see anyone famous, the preparations for fancy parties were in full-force and the buzz of the excitement was definitely in the air. And we got to be the first to walk a red carpet that was still in the process of being laid down as we passed.

If you’re wondering who came to Toronto for the festival, to save space I’ll include those who don’t require a last name ;) There is Brad, Reese, Meryl, Julia, Sandra, Scarlett, to name but a few. This 38 year old annual event has become quite a thing in the film industry.




I got a bit snap happy and took too many pictures for just one post, so I’ll be back tomorrow with some shots of the building we had our wedding in and a few more things we saw.