Having Lunch with Spirits of the Past

The other day Nick and I went for lunch at a place that we haven’t been to together since last summer. It’s called Sneaky Dee’s and though we hadn’t been there in a while, we both slipped into the booth like it was a very familiar and comfortable old chair. That’s because we have both spent many hours in this place, most being well before we ever met. In fact, we discovered that there were very likely some times in our teens and early twenties that we were both there at the same time, though we didn’t know each other. I so wish I had a memory to cherish of seeing him joking around with his friends in the back room or passing him on the stairs to use the restrooms. But alas, no.

Both having histories here always means lots of stories to tell whenever we go now. This lunch was spent discussing one of Nick’s best friends back in those days, who died two Decembers ago. I had only met him a few times so didn’t know him well, but his and Nick’s roots were very intertwined. And together they had spent much time in the same spot in which we were now sitting. I could see the ghosts cross in front of Nick’s eyes as we ate out sandwiches.


It wasn’t a sad lunch though. Rather it was an opportunity to share stories about other times spent in this same place. Both of our lives have changed so much since the days of coming here at least once a week. Life moves along, and we are just happy to continue living it in happiness and good health.

About these pictures of Nick … no, I didn’t have my camera in his face throughout lunch. These were all taken in quick succession while I was just trying to get that one good (normal) picture of him!

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