Looking Back on our Anniversary

As Nick and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this week-end, I thought I’d show you some of our wedding pictures. But they were taken on film so they aren’t up on the computer, and at this time I can’t find our album. We have things still packed up in boxes after our kitchen renovation this summer. I did have one of them scanned, so I’m posting it, but it doesn’t show our full outfits. My dress was floor length with a short train, and it was a burgundy jewel tone, made by Jessica McClintock. My bouquet was irises. Nick’s suit was moire silk and was created by Hoax Couture. Photo taken by Luisa Salerno.

So I guess the wedding pictures will have to wait until our 13th anniversary post! In the meantime, I did find a series of shots of the two of us taken under various circumstances, some promotional shots for our band, The Rails. I notice the last shot we have of both of us is from last year so I guess it’s time to get some new ones!

(1) Taken around 2004 at The Q Bar. One of our first band shows (2) Self portrait promo shot 2004 (3) Live at The Horseshoe 2005 (4) Dressed for a 60s themed birthday party 2006 (5) Bovine Sex Club, New Years Eve 2007

Taken by Sarah Thompson, 2007, at The Electric Train Museum in Milton ON

(1) After a show at The Horseshoe, 2006. Taken by Libby Telford (2) At my cousin Lisa’s wedding 2005 (3) Cuba 2008, taken on a pinhole camera (4) At my bestie Stella’s wedding 2008

Taken by Sarah Thompson 2008

At The Raveonettes show in 2008. Taken by our friend Morgan Harris

(1) In Aruba, 2009 (2) In New York City for our 10th Anniversary 2009 (3) Taken by Sarah Thompson 2010 (4) At Phase One recording studio 2010 (5) 11th Anniversary at Brasaii in Toronto 2010

Tomorrow I will post some photos from our celebrations this week-end, and that will wrap up our anniversary posts for this year!

Thank you very much for dropping by xo loulou

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