Bits and Pieces : July 2012

Hello hello! Here are my attempts at artistic photography for July. It’s my monthly entry where I post random photos I’ve taken that would otherwise not see the light of day. I try to only include interesting shots, so I hope you like them!

(1) Artistic Vandalism. I assume it is no different in other big cities that graffiti (tagging as opposed to mural painting or drawing) has become a problem. In Toronto there is a law that the property owners are responsible for cleaning up their own buildings on a regular basis. It’s a hassle for them but they will get fined if they don’t. Some use a service that involves a visit from a truck with a really strong water sprayer, but this can damage bricks and mortar. Others have taken to regularly just painting over the graffiti. Pictured is a case of what would be considered vandalism, but I found it to be strikingly artistic. Maybe the building owner will keep the artwork and call it a mural, and paint over the tags.

(2) Wish Seed. Please tell me you know what I’m talking about when I say that whenever I used to see one of these round fluffy seeds floating on a breeze, I would catch it and then make a wish while blowing it from my fingertips. It was supposed to make the wish come true. Did you do the same thing?

(3) I’ve never been on this rooftop patio but love the vintage neon Cocktail sign they have. I have it on my to-do list to visit this spot at night and get a shot of the sign lit up.

(4) This funny almost life-size chef statue, found on Spadina Avenue, had a hand-written sign on his belly, offering the sale of Fresh Cane Juice. I didn’t try any but am curious to know what that would taste like. Very sweet, I would thing. Have you ever tried some?

(5) This handmade cutout hangs outside of Capsule Music, a small shop on Queen Street West where Nick goes to have his guitars maintained. I’ve always loved this sign and this independent place, but can’t help but wonder how long they will chose to be located in an area that is changing by the minute, meaning rents are sky-rocketing.

(6) Though I take the subway frequently, I happened to have my camera out the other day when this train was pulling into the station. I was actually taking pictures of the wall behind it, which was in great disrepair because the station is in the process of being renovated. While I loved the bleakness of the other pictures I didn’t want to post them because they might give the impression our subway system is shabby, which is not the case at all. Instead I’ll save the derelict pictures for a before and after post, once the repairs are finished.

(7) It’s so fun to find little bits of street art around where it’s not expected!

(8) Who doesn’t love a good mirror ball? This one was twinkling for a brief moment at a recent concert I attended and I was happy to have caught the shot.

(9) This church is located Queen Street West and Bellwoods Avenue, where I’ve passed it often without taking the time to notice its beauty. I looked it up and discovered it is called St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church, but I can’t tell you any more about it because their entire website is written in Ukrainian!

(10) Ok, this is not the best of photographs, but I couldn’t resist putting this charming little gardening pig into the series!

Thank you for having a look.
xo loulou