‘stat chu, Eddie?

We would like to have another cat but our Eddie is not so good with other cats (though he is very friendly with people and fine with dogs). Where felines are concerned he tends to be very territorial and any cat who steps into our yard is quickly shown the way out.

The thing is that he doesn’t win any fights that he gets into because when we adopted him from the streets he had already been de-clawed on his front paws. There’s that plus he is getting old now (though we have no idea how old, but we have had him for about 10 years already). When he does get into an altercation he is the one who gets more roughed up, though thankfully never seriously so. His worse injury is a little cut in his left ear.

So while we would have loved to get another cat, I’m afraid that Ed is one of those pets who “do best in a one cat household”. However these pictures prove that he doesn’t dislike all cats. He gets along just fine with his friend, Statue — Stu, for short.

↑ Oh my gosh, I love him so. ↑

Happy Caturday. Hope yours is a good one!