Caught in the Act : Photographing Yoko the Cat


I spotted this cute cat sitting in front of the door of a different house, a couple of buildings down from where I took these pictures. When I saw her I went for my camera that was in my bag, and of course she got wise and hit the road running away. So I followed her.

She came to stop here, on a patio that was a bit hidden from the sidewalk. So I had to squat down and try to get the picture through the opening in the gate. All the while clicking my tongue and telling her what a pretty girl she was, in an attempt to get her to look my way.




Then I stood up and turned directly into a man who was standing there quietly watching what I was up to. He was in fact, waiting to get into his front yard, where his black and white cat sat.

So we both laughed and he invited me closer to help me get a better picture. He tried to make her pose a bit, but she was very shy. He said her name was Yoko and that she was a very old mama cat.



I had a black and white cat when I was young, who I loved with all my heart. He left me with a lifelong true-love of these types, charmingly known as “Tuxedo Cats” for the obvious reason that they look like they’re wearing a tux.

So when I’m teasing our boy Eddie, I tell him I’m going to trade him in for a more dapperly dressed model.

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xo loulou

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