Road Trip to Farmland


Before the rain began over the weekend, we had a few days of stunning weather here last week. On the summer-like Wednesday, we decided to take a little road-trip out to the countryside.

We didn’t have a specific destination in mind so just started driving west and then turned north (at Hamilton). In under 45 minutes after leaving our door we found ourselves in a completely different setting. Don’t ask me exactly which roads we traveled because we just turned here and there wherever it felt right.




We spotted a sign for a public farm and pulled in to have a look. The place was very nice but a bit kid-centric for us, and there were a few school trips in progress, so we just grabbed a jug of apple cider that had just been pressed the previous day, and six pie-pumpkins, (that Nick will roast and freeze for pumpkin pies all winter long).









Nick was very reluctant to pose for this and it was a complete fluke that I caught him smiling.


Then we hit the road again. We saw a sign for a town called Brandford, so we aimed to go there for some lunch. We had thought we would go right into town but their main road was torn up with construction, so we skipped it and found a nice spot to eat on the outskirts, called Milestones.



And since the weather was so warm we were able to eat outside. We shared an appetizer plate of flat-bread, baked goat cheese, roasted garlic, cranberry relish and fig jam, and also a meal that included two small sandwiches, some delicious mushroom soup and a Caesar salad. I had some cider and since Nick was driving, he went for a cranberry and soda-water.

[An aside about the cider : I had the kind that has alcohol in it, as opposed to the kind that is excellent fresh apple juice, that we bought at the farm. Why are they called the same thing? I only ever tried the kind with alcohol in more recent years, as I didn’t realize there was a difference and just thought they were all nonalcoholic. I learned the difference when visiting the UK and we were out for drinks with friends. The lady chose to have cider instead of beer, and I quipped something to the effect that I was going for a ‘real’ drink. She laughed and said cider was a ‘real’ drink. I was confused but decided to follow her lead. And have been enjoying it ever since. That’s not to say that I haven’t been enjoying the non-alcoholic jug of juice we bought on this road trip though because I am loving it.]

After lunch we got back into the car and wound our way this way and that, heading back home.




I love that goose crossing sign. I’ve never seen one of those before

It was a very good day, for sure.

Thanks for checking out my post,
xo loulou