A Visit With My Parents


Wow, this has been a period of family visits in my world! After spending time with Nick’s people out on the west coast last month, I had a nice 4 day visit with my mom and dad last week. They live north of Toronto in a pretty city situated along a beautiful lake.





↑↑ My mom and Kiki (who you’ll see more of on the weekend when ‘Caturday Goes to the Dogs’) ↑↑





I mostly hung out with my mother during the days, going to the excellent thrift stores they have there.

One day for lunch we went to a newly opened franchise restaurant called The Works that my mom was curious to try. It had an interesting menu including 50 combinations of hamburgers with toppings such as peanut butter and slices of banana. I went for something more main stream … a veggie-soy burger topped with my made-up combo of sauteed mushrooms, brie, hot peppers and a dijon-honey mustard sauce, with a side dish of coleslaw. I do like my slaw and this was a very good one.

To drink we both had some lemonade which was very refreshing in the heat and served in two-cup measuring cups.

The more noteworthy part of this lunch was that I tried Poutine for the first time, which is what my mom ordered. Canadian readers might be asking themselves what kind of a Canadian I am never having tried this dish, which is often considered our country’s national dish. I’m not really sure why I haven’t, but if you’ve not heard of it, it is French Fried potatoes, topped with gravy and cheese curds (which are ‘the solid parts of soured milk’, as per Wiki.) Sounds scrumptious, right? lol. I found it to be good but not something I’ll be seeking out as I have always preferred vinegar and ketchup with fries rather than gravy.


↑↑ Yarn Bomb! ↑↑


↑↑ Petunias so dark they almost looked black ↑↑


We also took a day trip to another town further north, which ended up feeling like we had charmingly traveled back in time.





With the exception of having one dinner out on the town, evenings were spent hanging out and talking late into the night. Oh, yes, and taking their chihuahua Kiki out for walks.

We also cooked some good food. Well, I say ‘we’ but really it was my mother who cooked. She has always been a creative and excellent chef so the meals were delicious.


All in all, it was a very nice time.

Thank you kindly for taking a look,
xo loulou