Out to a Friend’s Book Launch


Last Thursday Nick and I had the pleasure of celebrating the release of a book of poetry called Tangle, written by my friend Julie.

Readers may remember poetry book launch we went to in the fall for another friend, Nyla (posted about here). Well it was in the line-up to get my copy of Nyla’s book signed that I met Julie.

We hit it off straight away and had a fun chat that evening. She also has a blog on the topic of knitting, so the contact information we exchanged that night were the names of our respective sites and we’ve been keeping in touch since.

Julie’s book launch was held at a place to which neither of us had previously been, called The Mascot on Queen Street West near Dufferin. It was lovely outside so we walked over, passing through a part of town we don’t often get to. As we headed out I realized that Nick and I hadn’t been on a long-ish walk together since the beginning of June. I love walking but most of the time I do it alone, so it was nice to have company and a good talk on the way to and from.

I loved the old-fashioned feel in The Mascot. While it was rearranged to accommodate this event, a peek at their website really makes me want to go back and have a coffee and snack there.

Covering one wall they had a very interesting collection of artworks which seemed to be all based on the theme of trains and, for some reason, knives. I can’t say I understood the connection but really liked looking at all the elements.

It was quite dim inside with nice mood-lighting which was perfect for ambiance, but difficult for photo taking, so I used the low-light setting on my little camera, which fit inside the tiny purse I was carrying along with my other stuff, but still took pretty good shots considering the conditions. I love that thing and quite like the added vintage feel the setting gave to these photos.






Of course, the highlight of the evening was hearing Julie read some of her poems. Listening to the poems read by their author was such a treat which we loved and we’ve had several discussions about them since. I’ve not had a chance to dig into the book yet but look forward to reading more of her writing.





↑↑ Cute! ↑↑

Two more highlights of the evening to mention … One was seeing Nyla who I haven’t seen for a while, after some unavoidably cancelled plans.

Second was that Nick had his very first taste of a Twinkie at the snack table. Not long ago we were talking about the fact that he had never had one of these cakes, that have been made in America since 1930 and imported to Canada. While they were part of the childhood of anyone who grew up on this side of the ocean, he did not, so had missed out on Twinkies. Now, I’m not sure if it was because they weren’t available in Europe of it he just never encountered one.


↑↑ Nyla ↑↑


↑↑ Twinkie! ↑↑

I am excited today because I have a group of girlfriends coming over this evening for a get-together, at which I’ll get the chance to visit with Julie and Nyla again.

xo loulou