Recent Thrift Store Finds

As I’ve mentioned before, Nick and I have started a new thing lately … he drives me over to the Value Village (which is too far to walk) and then leaves me there for an hour or so while he takes care of other errands. In this post I will show you the treasures gleaned in two of these recent mini-thriting-trips.

In the first visit I spent $12 (7 1/2 pounds) on this haul of goods …


thrifted-small-fireking-custard cups bowls






(1) Smaller than usual vintage Fire King custard cups ($.49 each) in perfect condition. This smaller size is actually quite hard to find and they go for a relatively expensive price on ebay. We like to each nuts as a snack and these little cups will help with portion control, because cashews may just be my favourite thing to eat making them my ‘desert island pick’ with regards to food.

(2) While at the airport last month I had my hand on a copy of Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins in the bookstore. But I decided not to get it since I had something I was reading with me plus I didn’t want to carry a big hardcover book around while traveling. Good thing I didn’t pay the $18 for a new book because I found one at the thrift store for $1.50. And if it has been read by anyone else before me, I certainly cannot tell because it is in pristine shape.

About the Hunger Games series, yes, I am late to the party on this but oh how I am enjoying these books!

And how about how well my DIY Bookmark (made from a tissue box, tutorial here) goes with this particular book? Not only do the colours match, but I just noticed now while editing the photos that the bluejay on the bookmark goes with the mockingjay, which in the story is a mutated bluejay.

That said, I don’t purposely go about matching my bookmark to the particular book I am reading! lol

(3) These four mugs each with a different coloured interior had never been used and were still in their original packaging. A great find for $1.49 for the set that will be perfect in helping identify whose cup is whose when we have company over for coffee.

(4) I have rarely (if ever?) had any luck finding clothes at thrift stores, so was happy to find this little moss-green shirt jacket. Love the flower buttons!

And on the second mini trip for a total of $11 (with a 30% off coupon because I’d gotten enough stamps on a promotion they were having) = 7 pounds ….






(1) Corelle plates! I hope you’re not getting bored watching my collection of these plates grow with pretty well every thrifting trip. In truth, those and any Pyrex pieces are the first thing I look for upon entering the store. I got very lucky on this trip finding 3 Crazy Daisy dinner plates and 3 sandwich plates in Old Town Blue, all in perfect condition. These are both long discontinued patterns and would have been made in the 70s.

(2) A couple of perfectly aged 100% cotton dinner napkins. These are absolutely stain free and rang in at only $.69 for both.

(3) Have I ever told you how many pillows we have on our beds? Lots. And I love a mix-and-match array of pure cotton pillow cases for them. This pretty lavender number came to me having never been used or washed before. This too cost only $.69.

So that’s it … my happily thrifted finds!

Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou