Don’t Throw That Away! Making Something From Trash


Particularly at this time of the year, there’s no doubt that you have some boxes of tissue placed about your home. Have you ever looked at the box and thought, ‘How pretty’?

They are making those tissue boxes look really nice these days. Last summer, there was a series of boxes with the coolest of mod designs and colours, and around the holidays there were boxes adorned with holly and berries. Every time I emptied one I thought to myself, ‘I should make something with this’.

But it was this cute frosty bird pattern that finally caused me to actually act on this thought. Yes, Nick was a bit annoyed when I told him I was saving an empty box, at a time when our home could really use a purge of useless things. So I had to move quickly or lose my supplies to the recycling truck that is making its rounds this morning.

Not much more chat is required for this simple do-it-yourself project, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.





I think I’ll hang onto the card until next year, when it will be less likely that the recipient will recognize the motif and realize I made their card with trash!

How about you? Do you save stuff for future (possible) crafting projects?

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I linked this up over at “Nifty Thrifty Things“ (link removed because the site has closed down), where it was selected to be featured.