Pictures Throughout a Day : Saturday

Hi! Happy Monday. I Thought I’d do a ‘Pictures Throughout a Day’ post showing you what Saturday was like around here.


I am rarely up early enough to catch the first light of day, but for some reason I sprang out of bed at 6:30 on Saturday and caught the loveliest pastel coloured sunrise. It was so odd to see me up at this hour that Nick wondered if something was wrong!

He usually has his coffee alone in the mornings but on this day he had company, making me a cappuccino with his special recipe for spice sprinkles.


We decided to head out and about. It was very cold but fresh and gorgeous. (That’s me being optimistic about my least favourite season!)



I wonder who buys these cakes?



Back home, Nick put together a lunch of some smoked salmon ravioli he recently made and stored in the freezer. He has just began making his own pasta from scratch and it’s delicious. So far he has been making the dough and rolling it by hand but now he wants to get a machine.



We get a pretty flood of light through the window in the afternoon.



I spent some time deciding what I would wear to an early ‘Kick-off of Fashion Week’ party we’re invited to this week. The actual events won’t take place until March, but this party will be a fun way to get people in the mood. We’re not really fashionistas but are kindly invited every year by some good friends who are designers. I love to go, but admit to always being in a bit of a conundrum regarding what to wear.


Oh no, not this guy again! Lol, our little social furry friend is always nearby, so inevitably would show up in a post such as this.


A little reading and wine.


An afternoon spent around the house finds me wearing one of my very old cotton sweaters. I got this one years ago for $2.00 at a sample sale that was being held in my work building. It is a man’s sweater that I’ve never worn out of the house but it gets plenty of love indoors.


The early evening light hit the chandelier in such a way that prisms of light flashed around the darkening room.


Thank you very much for taking a look. I hope you had a great weekend.
xo loulou