Snoozy Days


You know the saying ‘The Dog Days of Summer”? I just looked it up and was surprised to see that this term has been in use for much of recorded time. It was written about as early as 1552, and is described as the time in July and August when the star called ‘Sirius’ is rising in the northern hemisphere. It is the brightest point in a constellation called ‘Canis Major’, which means ‘large dog’.

And all this time I thought the hot days of summer were called ‘The Dog Days’ because it was so warm that all dogs wanted to do was lie around and sleep.

So, based on my incorrect interpretation, I was just about to pose the thought that maybe the cold winter days, when cats only want to sleep all day, might be called the ‘Cat Days of Winter’. But now I know that this would be nonsense.




Happy Caturday,
Eddie and Loulou