Recent Card Making : Paper and Stickers

diy card

I had some cards to make recently for three very important ladies in my life. The first was for my aunt Joan, who was retiring from a job she had held for many years. The other two were birthday cards for my mom and friend Stella. Those birthdays were coming up quickly so I had to do something quick and easy, so I turned to my collection of cute stickers.

Supplies : Each card takes a sticker, a pre-made patterned card and envelope (or make your own as described in this post), some coloured card-stock paper, and a piece of plain cream coloured sketching paper (to give your card a nicer finish on the inside). One of the birthday cards also included a die-cut that said “Happy Birthday” on it (I had this from a card making kit, but you could also re-purpose an old birthday card for that). I also used double-sided tape squares, a pencil, ruler, straight scissors and ‘fancy-edge scissors’.

How to Make One : Cut your coloured paper based on the size of the sticker you are planning to use. One piece is cut slightly larger than the other, to form a mat underneath. Note, something to consider when measuring is that when using the fancy scissors, it’s easier to cut the line straight first and then go around the edge with the fancy scissors. Do your fancy-cut piece first and then use it as a guide for cutting your mat piece.

Using two-sided tape, stick these two pieces together. Apply your sticker and then using more two-sided tape, stick this decoration to the front of the card.

Card One:

Card Two:

handmade card

Card Three:

diy card

To Finish the Inside (optional) : I like to finish the inside of the card with a plain piece of good paper, on which I write my message. A page from a sketch pad works well for this. The inside piece should be trimmed to be about 1/4 inch smaller than the card on each edge, so it tucks inside without being seen from the outside. I like to write my message on this paper before gluing it in the card, in case I make a mistake! To stick it in use a line of glue-stick from top to bottom on the right side of the fold and stick it to the right panel of the card. This will allow the card to open and close nicely.

I hope this inspires you to make your own handmade greeting cards.
xo loulou