Food Friday : Burritos!

This week’s food post is meant to achieve three things : (1) to give you the idea of making some easy-to-do burritos at home (2) to demonstrate how to make them (3) and to show you the recent fillings we used, which included vegetarian chili *, potatoes, avocados, tomatoes, spicy pickled peppers, and skim-milk Mozarella cheese. This combo was absolutely delicious!

We get our whole-wheat soft tortillas at a Mexican Market, but they are available at the grocery store too. The idea is to fold the tortilla around your selected fillings, and then to lightly cook the bundles. Like with pizza, almost anything goes as long as there is some cheese in there. Oh ok, even cheese is optional, except in my burrito please!

If using potatoes they should be cooked ahead and then sliced. Cut all your stuffing ingredients into bite size pieces. This is especially important if you plan to eat your burritos with your hands (rather than knife and fork, as we do). Hands are perfectly fine utensils for this dish, however you want the stuffing pieces to be small enough to make eating them this way dignified and not a big sloppy mess!

Place your desired ingredients into the middle of your tortilla. Check out my pictures to determine how much to use in total, so that they may be wrapped properly and not split open. Then fold one end over the stuffing. Fold both sides up and then the final side.

Heat some oil in a large frying pan and place your burritos in the pan. Keep your burner to low/medium because you don’t want to burn the tortillas before the interior is heated through. Cover and cook for 1 to 2 then carefully flip them over and cook the other side for another 1 to 2 minutes. Note how the tortilla will become crispy and more rigid around the stuffing.

Serve topped with sour cream, hot sauce, and chopped olives, if desired.

We made four, two which we ate for lunch right away and two that we saved in the fridge for the next day. To reheat, use your toaster oven if you have one, or regular oven.

* Vegetarian Chili : I assume that you probably have your own favourite recipe but if not, we make our using this tomato sauce made from scratch, to which we add home boiled beans (though canned, rinsed and drained would be fine too). In the version we used for this recipe our bean selection included black beans and chick peas, but use what you like. For seasoning, add premixed chili powder, or a bit of cayenne pepper and cumin. I also add some dried oregano and basil and salt. Some corn is always nice in there too. Simmer to reduce liquid if using for burritos, so they’re not overly messy.

Hope you try making burritos at home! They are so good.

Thanks for checking out my post. Hope you have an excellent week-end!