Sending Love : A Greeting Card Made with Tissue Paper

Here’s an idea for making a handmade greeting card, using tissue paper. Since it is Mother’s Day on Sunday, I made mine for my mom, but this technique can be used to make a card for any occasion. All you need is some pretty tissue paper (I reused some that came wrapped around a bouquet of flowers I was sent my my in-laws <3), a blank piece of folded card-stock and envelope (I bought mine but you can make the card), some regular craft clue and some water. To finish it off nicely on the inside, a piece of blank paper is good too, which you will attach with a glue stick (or regular glue if you don’t have one).

Extra special (but unnecessary) additions would be a sticker to decorate the inside and/or a stamp and ink-pad to decorate the envelope. I just happened to have these, but your card will be nice without them.

Begin by cutting the tissue paper so that it is slightly larger than the card. In a plate, mix a squirt of glue with enough water so that you will be able to lay the piece of tissue flat in the mixture. (Note my glue stayed lumpy but still worked ok). Soak the tissue in the glue and water and spread it onto the front of the card, being careful because the wet tissue is very fragile and easily tears. In fact, mine did tear a bit but I just pushed the edges together. Note that most tissue paper comes with a shiny side and a matte side … stick the matte side facing down. To give it a wrinkled texture move the wet tissue with your fingers until you like how it looks. If there is extra paper fold it under while it’s wet, or trim it after it dries. Leave it to dry (about an hour). Don’t worry if the card is curled a bit .. it will flatten out as it dries.

Cut your plain paper so that it is 1/8 inch smaller than the inside of the card on each side and fold it. I wrote my message on this piece of paper before sticking it in the card, in case I made a mistake. Once you’re happy with your message, run the glue stick along the inside of the card, from top to bottom, on the right hand side, just beside the fold. Stick the plain paper in.

I had a piece of this butterfly patterned tissue but if you can’t find a patterned one that you like, you can use pieces of different colours of plain tissue, and overlap and layer abstract shapes, until you’re happy with what you have.

These cards are easy enough to make with children and don’t take much time at all. I hope you try it!

xo loulou