Little Origami Shirt : A Handmade Greeting Card for a Man

handmade-fathers-day-card-origami-shirt diy

It is Father’s Day here on Sunday, so I made this card featuring a tiny shirt folded from a piece of paper, with real little buttons sewn on, for my father.

This would be a good card to give any man, for any occasion. I find it harder to think of good ideas to make greeting cards for men than for women, so I was pleased to find the folding instructions for it on this Youtube video.

I used a pre-folded card base that came with a matching envelope, but if you wanted you could always make that part too. Other supplies included a piece of patterned paper. I happened to have some ‘real’ origami paper that I found during this thrifting trip, but you could use a piece of gift wrap or even plain white paper, to give it more of a dress-shirt look. The paper should be cut to a 4 x 6 inch rectangle, so for mine I just cut a 2 inch strip off the standard 6 x 6 origami sized paper. Then I used real thread to sew on some tiny buttons I had, which were salvaged from one of Nick’s old shirts before it got tossed in the rag bag. They were originally used near the cuff, plus a spare sewn into the seam of the shirt. But if you don’t have tiny buttons, you could use beads or sequins, or make some out of paper. Then I made a white mat from some card-stock and stuck everything together with two sided tape, although glue would work too.


↑ cut origami paper to 4 x 6 inches ↑




All in all, it was a pretty easy little project and it was fun to do too.

I regret that I had already gotten my dear father-in-law’s card in the mail by the time I thought of making this one for my dad. He lives further away so I sent his card earlier, but next year I’ll make him one this too.


Thank you for taking a look, and wishing a happy Father’s Day to any dads reading this.
xo loulou