Themed Thursday : Butterflies Flutter By

Hello … Thanks for dropping over to see my photos of butterfly things! This post was inspired by two things. Firstly, the huge rabble of butterflies that visited our yard last week. I looked out the window one morning to see our blooming maple tree in total motion, covered in what must have been thousands of beautiful fluttering butterflies. Later in the day, a neighbourhood pal of ours knocked on the door to make sure we saw them, as they were so very striking. The one I captured in the photo was taken the next day, as they were dissipating.

Secondly, my sweet parents-in-law sent me this cheerful basket of flowers, that was decorated with butterflies made from feathers. So lovely.

So I got busy and gathered some other butterfly things I had and made a series of it. The brooch was Nick’s Aunt Lucy’s, which I am saving to give to one of our nieces when they become old enough to appreciate the sentimental value of it.

The pendant is one that I am ‘borrowing’ from my mother. It has always been one of my favourites and when I visited last summer she insisted I take it. Thanks mom <3The scarf is a vintage one I bought from ebay and happily wear in the spring! The nice thing about scarves is that they are small enough that you can have some to wear at very specific times of the year, and not take up too much storage space for the rest of the time.The greeting card is a vintage one, probably from the 70s, that is part of my vintage paper collection. The orange/yellow pyrex dish pattern is called Butterfly Gold, and the beads are a few from my stash.

A funny thing happened while I was taking the picture of the beads … Nick came by as I was lint-rolling the carpet and asked if that was how I was vacuuming these days! haha, funny guy. I think that may have been a hint.

Later today I have a butterfly themed DIY to post, so I’ll see you later :)
xo loulou

ps. The word ‘rabble’ was not something I just happened to know was what a group of butterflies is called! I was going to call them a flock but looked it up. You can also call them a swarm, but that really does not sound as charming.