Caturday Goes to the Dogs : Here’s Kiki!


As is always the case, after I’ve been to visit my parents I return home with a whack of pictures of their little lady dog, Kiki.

For those who’ve not met her yet, she is a Deer Chihuahua (so is bigger than a regular Chihuahua, at around 20 inches long not including her tail). My parents adopted her a few years ago, as an adult dog who had been rescued from a puppy farm where she had given birth to many many puppies until she was deemed too old to do so any longer.

So we aren’t sure exactly how old she is but do know she has a heck of a lot of spunk left in her! Not that you’d really see that in this series of photos, because I caught her during some downtime. Most of the time she is prancing and dancing and spinning in circles in the cutest way possible.







Making this girl extra special in my books is the fact that she has a wee bit of an overbite and you can often see her two little front teeth. I was able to capture them in this last shot, but I wish I’d gotten a better picture of them.


Thank you for visiting with Kiki and me. Wishing you a terrific weekend.
xo loulou

(ps. Eddie the Boycat will be back next Caturday to show you how he likes to party.)