White Puppy in the Snow


So, I just had to ask Eddie Boycat to give up his usual post this week and allow Caturday to go to the dogs. How could I not, after meeting this little guy in the snow the other day?

He is a Siberian Husky pup, who is only five months old. I had trouble getting a shot of him facing the camera because he was very bouncy and really quite excited about making a new friend. But if he had stood really still, I might not have seen him, matching as well with the snow as he did.

In all my oowing and awwing, I forgot to ask what his name was. But he lives in the neighbourhood so hopefully I’ll run into him again soon.




Oh ok … maybe just one picture of Eddie. This is how he helped out with getting all the Christmas stuff packed away. He sat in that packing box all day yesterday, hence the reason I don’t have things all put away yet. Yes, Eddie is the reason. It has nothing to do with procrastination. No, nothing at all.


Thanks for dropping over.