Caturday Goes to the Dogs!

I caught these shots of this cute little girl-dog in the park recently. She is a Chihuahua Papillon mix, named Georgia. Her person was very sweet to let me take the pictures and told me that puppy was a little nervous at the moment because she had just been id-chipped.

It so happened to be the day that ‘Toronto Animal Services’ had set up in Trinity Bellwoods park for a dog-day. I laughed when I saw that the truck they had was called a “Chip Truck”. (That’s what we call trucks that sell French Fries, in case the term is unfamiliar where you live.)

On my way out of the park I took a look, to find this calm and patient Newfoundland. I didn’t catch his/her name though. There were some other nice dogs there too but people were crowded around them and my pictures of the others just turned out to include a lot of people bums, as they bent down scratching under dog chins. Not so nice and I’m pretty sure folks wouldn’t appreciate pictures of their butts posted on-line on some stranger’s blog!

And here are some unrelated but colour co-ordinated pictures to go with this post! Why was that shoe there all by itself, I wonder?

Also, I want to thank all my pals who left such sweet comments about my weekly ‘Saturday is Caturday’ post. I had thought that folks might be getting tired of so many pictures of my cat Eddie, and was happy to see that you want so many of you would like to see these posts continue. And so they shall, because he really is such a co-operative and humorous subject! Eddie will be back next Caturday. =↑..↑=

xo Loulou