Pink Blanket in a Basket


When I came upon this little scene last week I could almost hear the conversation that must have gone on between Nick and Eddie. ‘Come on … Give me the nice cozy pink one, Dad. She won’t mind. It’s really old.’

Whatever transpired, cat won out, and my vintage blanket was found to be suitable bedding material.

I usually take this blanket out around Valentine’s Day anyway as it suits the season, except it is usually to cover me while I read or watch tv. I guess I’ll just have to steal it back.






I hope these photos have helped add a little comfort to anyone experiencing the dismal winter weather we’ve had this weekend. We went out last night and had a blast, but boy was it wet and slushy out. Truly the kind of weather one wants to stay indoors all snuggled up, and that is exactly what is going on around here today.

xo loulou
and Eddie too