Caturday Goes to the Dogs … Umm, Sort of


I must admit that I got a little choked up with love when I came upon Eddie taking a nap like this the other day. My heart goes out to that little lump under the blanket, and to the kind man who covered him up.

No doubt that it has been mighty cold in these parts lately, so I’m sure the blanket was a welcome comfort. We’ve actually been talking about maybe getting him a little sweater like dogs wear, as he is getting on in years and seems to appreciate warmth more than he used to.



Speaking of dogs, how about that blanket? I wish I could say that his animal Aunt Kiki, (<- that’s a link to a post with shots of her on the same blanket) my parent’s dog, gave her own blanket to him with grace and a generous heart, but in reality it was forgotten at our place after a visit, and our boycat took a real shining to it. When I sent my mom a picture of him sleeping on it last summer, she said that there was no way they could take it from him. In deed, this is a much loved animal. Thank you for checking out the first weekly pet related post of 2014! Hope you and the people and animals you love are keeping well. xo loulou and Eddie too