Caturday Goes to the Dogs : Kiki

Eddie Boycat knows by now that whenever I’ve had a recent visit at my parents’ place, his Caturday post is relinquished to his aunt Kiki. She is a Chihuahua, and believed to be of a sub-breed called a Deer Chihuahua, recognizable by her larger size. My research indicates that early Chihuahuas were all as big as she is, and throughout the years the runts were bred together, resulting in the small dogs usually associated with the breed. I also learned that Chihuahuas are the only breed of dogs to descend from foxes rather than wolves. Thank you E How.

Kiki’s story is a bit sad and you can see that in her eyes once in a while. (Or am I just imagining that she looks sad? I’ve never had a dog myself and maybe she looks no more sad than other dogs do when they’re lounging around, relaxing at home.) She spent years having puppies in a puppy mill, and when she was deemed too old for this, was given up. Thankfully she found her way to my parents and is now a very happy girl; a more loving home for her would be difficult to find. I had to laugh when the other day, while my mother was spending a few days in the city without Kiki, she told me how very much she missed her. This only after two days away! This girl is that lovable.

I hope you’re having a good week-end so far. All is well here. Tonight we’re going to a concert of the bands “Best Coast” and “Those Darlins”. I’m so looking forward to it! How I love seeing/hearing live music in relatively small concert halls. It’s one of my favourite things to do. My friend Meghan is joining us so it will be great to see her too. Yayy Good Times!

xo loulou