New Year’s Eve 2014 – Dancing at The Velvet Underground

velvet-underground-nye-2014 new years eve

After a few years of hearing live music on New Year’s Eve, this year we decided to go dancing instead and our choice of place to do that was The Velvet Underground.

It’s a spot that has been open for what seems like forever, which is quite a feat in Toronto’s dance club scene, where there has been a lot of change and turnover. I’ve spent my fair share of time on dance floors and while I’ve tried out many of the clubs, The Velvet, with its bent towards Alternative Rock music, has always been my favourite. Nick and I spent a number of our first dates there, so there is a bit of sentiment attached to going there too.

So we knew what we we were in for in planning a night out at The Velvet Underground. And it did not disappoint in the least. We had a blast.

It’s a friendly, cool and comfortable place to go, where people are generally happy and nice and on this particular night, cheerfully wishing friends and strangers alike a happy new year.

Our buddy George came along too, and though he isn’t really a dancer, was right up there on the dance floor with us.

It is very dark in there and I got home to a bunch of very blurry pictures, these being the best of the lot. I try to use my flash as little as possible, but that was one night that I wish that I had thought to turn it on so that I could have gotten some decent shots of us. I especially would have loved one of Nick wearing the festive party hat.





I hope you had a good New Year’s Eve too and that 2014 is going to be a year filled with excellent times. Happy New Year!
xo loulou

[The Velvet Underground is located at 510 Queen Street West (a block east of Bathurst, on the north side). If you’re curious about price, while it used to be free to get in when most of the dance clubs charged about $10, they do charge a cover of $5 (I think) now, and for New Years we bought tickets in advance for $15. The drinks are basic mixed drinks, shots and bottled beer, all relatively reasonably priced. Coat check is $2.50 each.]