Out and About : Shopping in Chinatown

Nick and I took a walk to Chinatown the other day to get some ingredients for Sushi making. Sure Sushi is Japanese but the shops in Chinatown carry a myriad of Asian ingredients. This particular store we were in was 5 isles wide and chock full of the most interesting of groceries. Rather than just go in and grab what we knew we needed, we took the time to peruse the whole shop and ended up with Wasabi powder, pickled ginger, a large bag of dried Shiitake mushrooms, 2 kinds of hot pepper oil, a large bottle of hot sauce (mmm, that was for me!) and a variety of noodles. Plus an eye-full of interesting things and some ideas for future meals to make.

soursop in chinatown

I was curious about some of the items I got pictures of so I looked into them …

Those dark coloured chickens are a kind called Silkie chickens. In addition to their fluffy plumage, this breed of birds have dark-blue skin and flesh and have 5 toes instead of the usual 4 that chickens have!

The Dried Yeast Balls are actually a Thai ingredient and are used to make a fermented sweet rice desert called ‘Khao Mahk’.

The big prickly looking fruits are called Soursops and are apparently very sweet. They are primarily used to make juices and desserts in the Philippines, Mexico and Central America.

So while we came away with some things we needed, we also enjoyed an entertaining experience! Yes, it’s the small things in life, right? :)

Hope you enjoyed the little look at Chinatown. These shots just touched on all there is to see there. In fact, the picture of Nick at the stop sign is actually him waiting for me to catch up, as I was lagging behind taking it all in!

And while I have been preparing this post, Nick has been in the kitchen making Sushi! So I am off now to see how I can help.
Wishing you a fine day.
xo loulou

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